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Illimitux 3.5: Unbridle videos from streaming platforms

Illimitux extension is a FireFox tool that removes limitations imposed by streaming plateforms as Veoh, MegaUpload or MegaVideo. Its purpose is watching without restriction vidoes from those platforms. When your are in one of these websites. Illimitux identifies the video and show a little icon in the sidebar of the browser telling you to remove the limitation. Once you click on it, you’ll be redirected to our website to view the Full video.

For Example, if you are in Veoh, you will be able to watch a video without there 5 minutes limit. That’s the same with MegaUpload and MegaVideo. In the case of MegaUpload (file sharing platform), you can stream a file (watch it in live) or download it without waiting 45 seconds.

Here are other solutions that people have found successful with respect to Megavideo:

Firstly clear your browsers cookies, next block all cookies coming from

Go to: Tools > Options (in firefox)

Then click “Exceptions” and block “” & “” (without quotes)

Method 1
All you do is start the video playing then pause it and let it buffer all the way to the end. Then press standby on your modem (or unplug it if you don’t have a standby button) and watch the movie off/line, then hit play.

(Instead of turning off/unplugging your modem, you can also try clicking File > Work Offline in your browser. But remember to change it back when you want to load another video.)

The obvious drawback is that you are offline but, you can do this all-day if you want to have a marathon Megavideo session without that annoying video limit.


Method 2
Unplug your modem from its power supply. The mailing address you have leased from your carrier will expire, as it will see that you are no longer online, and you therefore do not need an IP Address. Your IP Address currently being used will return to the pool of IPs available to use to your IP.
Clear your cookies. This takes care of the client side monitoring being done on your machine.
Wait 60 Seconds, then plug your modem back in. During the reinitialization of your modem, it will query your IP carrier for another IP Address from the pool of available ones, giving you a new IP Address.
Reconnect to Megavideo by closing your browser and accessing the material again. Your cookies will be cleared, and Megavideo will have no record of your new IP Address on their server log. Enjoy another hour of uninterrupted content.

(Method 2 won’t work if you have a static IP)

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