Netflix comes to Canada

Netflix made its debut in Canadian on September 22 offering a streaming only service to it’s subscribers. You can stream TV and Movies on your Mac or PC computer or connect it to a tv via your PS3 or Wii. It comes at a price of CAD$7.99 per month but they’re running a promotion where subscribers get their first month free. If you have a paypal account or credit card, sign up for the free period, its incredibly easy to cancel after the free period has expired.

From using it myself I found that the content available left alot to be desired. Firstly, the movies featured are hardly new releases (Slumdog Millionaire, Marley and Me) and the selection of more recent movies is limited. Its not nearly a replacement for pay cable/satellite with a very limited selection of programming from America. It seems like the major production houses have kept the big ticket shows like The Office, Grey’s Anatomy ect reserved for Hulu and payTV, letting Netflix broadcast some prime time stinkers. If you’re looking for HBO shows like True Blood or Entourage, you won’t find it on Netflix nor will you find anything made by ShowTime other than The L Word. This may change soon though, as Netflix has signed a few new deals including one with NBC to get The Office.
My advice would be to sign up for the free trial because, well, its free and streaming movies on the PS3 or Wii looks great. After the first 30 days GET RID OF IT! As it stands now, Netflix Canada is not worth the $8 a month.