How Social Bookmarking can Benefit your Website

Social Bookmarking is one of the fastest and most effective techniques of Search Engine Optimization. It is an effective and powerful method of promoting a website, increasing traffic and targeting audiences which result in more business and more revenue. It is one of the most effective ways to increase the number of inbound links and gain the attention of major search engines (in turn boosting your page rank.) While doing social bookmarking, the bookmark of your website is posted to various social networking sites with desirable information related to the website and the services offered by it. This allows online users who come across such bookmarks to get to know more about the site and decide if they are interested in your content, products or services.

With the help of Social bookmarking one can save money and effort in notifying people with regards to your business and the services you offer. It helps to get more quality backlinks to the site and at the same time helps to increase the popularity of the website as the content of the website is being posted and shared on a number of sites.

With the use of Social bookmarking we can be noticed by major search engines, resulting in increased credibility and traffic for the website. We can also target the users we want and increase the number of specific types of visitors to our website. This is achieved by targeting top ranking social networking sites and posting bookmarks in specific categories or with specific tags. This will increase our sites credibility in certain areas of the internet and among certain demographics of browsers and potential customers. Submitting on social networking site is free of cost, so you are spending almost nothing to get noticed by search engines and by millions of users.

With the help of Social bookmarking your webpage along with all the new pages/posts (as you add them) will be quickly indexed by major search engines (sometimes immediately after submission.) Being indexed by these search engines is an excellent way to improve your traffic.

While creating the title and content for a social bookmark, one should keep in mind that proper keywords need to be used in a proper way. Don’t stuff keywords while ignoring the quality of content. Check the density of the keywords in the content, as it will help you in indexing. You want your keywords to exist in the content, but if you over do it you will be flagged as spam and your bookmark will not get created – you might also get banned. Secondly, the content should be unique, don’t copy content directly or you will likely be seen as spam.

Social Bookmarking has proved to be very beneficial in terms of increasing traffic, unique visitors, targeted audiences and revenue overall site revenue.