Evolution of the Pit Bike

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Just about every young boy has wanted a motorcycle. I guess I shouldn’t say wanted because I still want one, and I am not a kid anymore. I was around 16 when I got my first pit bike. I have watched them evolve. I have also been part of the evolution. It has been fun to watch the changes of these bikes.

The first pit bikes were mainly Honda, just a standard 50cc mini bike. Older guys started to ride their kid’s bikes around and do little street tricks. I remember the first pit bike video I saw was 50 Nuts. After a while pit bikes started to get more popular. Companies like BBR released parts to upgrade Honda 50’s and add more power. It was the best looking pit bikes I had ever

Because of the popularity of pit bikes, affordable Chinese brands started to surface. The first pit bike I had was a SDG. These bikes had horrible engines and just as bad frames. My clutch went out in the first 2 weeks and I broke the frame in half. It looked like a chopper because the neck of the pit bike bent and the fork legs bent forward.

Because of these broken frames and bad clutches Pitster Pro started making some improvements. After a few years they started to produce the best Chinese made pit bike on the market. Because of Pitster Pro other pit bike company tried to keep up. The only other pit bike company with the same quality is Piranha pit bikes. Pit bike quality is top notch these days.

Pit bikes are fun and are less dangerous around the track. They are also more affordable. With the power these bikes put out, adults and children are enjoying them everywhere. Whether it is on the track or at the cabin, pit bikes have become a nice niche for bike riders around the world.