Down for Everyone or Just Me Ironically Down

The one of the most popular web-site downtime monitoring services is ironically down tonight. Looks like the website was too successful for it’s own good and has garnered enough traffic to go over the server resource limit that was set by Google App engine. The Google App engine provides it’s users with an easy to use SDK… Continue reading Down for Everyone or Just Me Ironically Down

Top 25 Android Games | Best Android Games As Of September 2011

Here are the top 25 android games as of November 2011. We combined the usual factors of addictiveness, graphics, gameplay, learning curve, length. We’ll be updating the list weekly – let us know if we’ve missed any, and vote for your favorites in the poll below! News November 23 2011: Medieval for android has been… Continue reading Top 25 Android Games | Best Android Games As Of September 2011

4chan down | down November 16 2011

November 16 2011 12:56PM EST 4chan was up and running from about 10:20PM last night to about 12:20PM today. Though the attacks were tweeted as being over 10 hours ago, it looks like they have recommenced as some requests are timing out or they complete only after a long delay. The attack was previously reported… Continue reading 4chan down | down November 16 2011

Worst Comments Ever

This is a guest post by Ty from Good Canadian Kid. Check out GCK for thought provoking and humorous reads like GCK’s Favourite Mac Utility Application , The Ultimate Badass: Bishnu Shrestha and Marketing and (Pseudo) Science Online comments that reference blogs, podcasts, Youtube, memes, etc. can reveal a lot about the content in question.… Continue reading Worst Comments Ever

Thunderbolt Peripherals | November 2011

This page attempts to maintain an up-to-date list of Thunderbolt peripherals. As of November 2011 there is quite a small selection of thunderbolt devices on the market. Basically you’ve got the thunderbolt Apple Display and the Lacie Thunderbolt Hard Drive Enclosure. Now that Apple has been putting the thunderbolt port into their Macs for close… Continue reading Thunderbolt Peripherals | November 2011

Quick Silver Screen Down – November 3 2011

November 3 2011 It looks like the popular quick silver screen (qss divx) site is down, giving a timeout error when accessed. The forum is a hotspot for the newest video links from 3rd party hosted services. The downtime is most likely related in some way to the community’s discontent with the Quick Silver Screen… Continue reading Quick Silver Screen Down – November 3 2011

Demonoid is Down

November 3 – 2011: 8:33pm The site is down – we are investigating November 3 – 2011: 8:35pm And they’re back up!

Markham Sushi | Top 5 Markham Sushi Restaurants

Here are the 5 best sushi restaurants in Markham Ontario – November 2011 Tsukiji Sushi Village – Tsukiji is by far our favourite sushi restaurant in Markham. Neither the prices nor the taste can be beat! The rolls are the perfect size, without too much rice – they also roll most of the maki rolls in just… Continue reading Markham Sushi | Top 5 Markham Sushi Restaurants

Google Do a barrel roll

Seriously try it! It’s probably one of the coolest Google search quirk/fringe to date.Click here to google it. The effect pays homage to the Nintendo 64 Starfox game, from which a friendly character’s advice to Do a Barrel Roll has turned into a geek cult saying. When typed into the Google’s search bar, the site… Continue reading Google Do a barrel roll