Rapidshare Limiting Download Speed | Get Around the Rapidshare Throttle

The file locker Rapidshare, known for it’s fast transfer speeds even for free and anonymous accounts, seems to have tightened up it’s transfer tubes  for free users. As of today, all downloads will only deliver at the ussual >250kb/s download rate until it has reached 2MB. At this point the download will appear to stop for a few minutes and transmission speeds will drop to >30kb/s, then the downloaded file size will update after a few minutes and it will continue to download at the same depressed rate.

It’s no clear if this is a technical problem on Rapidshare’s end or if it’s an effort to increase the incentive to purchase a paid account. The ladder seems most likely as there are no service interruptions for Premium Subscription holders. This probably also an attempt to polish up their image in a time of great anxiety for file lockers. Since Rapidshare was placed the MPAA/RIAA’s most hated list, it’s administration have been doing alot to clean up their act. This latest trick would try the patience of those looking to download large files, and lead to only smaller files (like single images and documents) that are less likely to be pirated to be made available from a public link.

Get Around the Limitations

You can get around the bandwidth limitations by using a service called Grandleech. The website will give you premium access (fast download speeds) for any given file hosted on Rapidshare at no charge. Grandleech will download the file for you with thier premium account, and make it available to you for download at faster than free Rapidshare speed.

All you have to do is copy the URL of the file that you’re trying to download from Rapidshare, then head over to www.grandleech.com. Paste the copied Rapidshare URL into the form box and press the orange download button. An link will be generated for you to download the file at >300kb/s speeds again!

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    wow man, this is great info!! tried and works like a charm!! getting 2mb/s from this site.


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  • Charhar

    Uhhm… It’s always saying it can’t connect to port 443 when i try and download anything from rapidshare. Does it only work for premium users?

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    thank you very much 🙂 works like a charm 😀

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    Thanks so much! I’d been trying and trying to download a single movie from rapidshare for near on ten hours! This is brilliant!

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