Megaupload Down – January 19 2011

January 19 2011

Megaupload has been taken down by FBI, the below workarounds will not work. More info here.

Anonymous has retaliated by taking down the US Department of Justice and Universal Music Websites and “more is coming”. More information here.

megaupload down, the file repository website has been down for some since November 28 at 4:50PM EST for some. Megaupload is one of the largest upload sites on the internet and the source of content for dozens of online video link indexers like and Ceuvana video.

November 29 1:40PM EST

Some parts of the world are still experiencing DNS problems and Megaupload down times this morning. There has been no official announcement about the service outages from the company.

There’s been a lot of chatter about the Megaupload domain being seized by various American governmental units and that it has something to do with this initiative. This doesn’t sound correct as the ICE initiative is targeting counterfeit consumer goods and also Megaupload is still available from its domain name in many countries.

Still, there is definitely something strange going on. The domain name server were switched to IPs owned by Google and the server names read and This suggests that the domain name server was pointed away from megaupload by the domain name registrar for insufficient or false Who Is information. That is, the information associated with the domain was incorrect or missing. It could just be that the DNS switch is taking a while to propagate but the new domain name server adresses suggests the pointing was dont by a third party. Hopefully everything is ironed out soon. For now, follow the steps below (changing to Google’s public DNS) and it should resolve the issue for you no matter your geographic location

If you are running Windows 7 follow these steps to connect to the Google public DNS and fix Megaupload (thanks 360baller):

Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Network and Sharing Center -> Change adapter settings -> Find the connection for which you are using (eg. Ethernet, Wireless) and right click it -> Select properties -> Might be prompted to type your admin password -> Select the Networking tab -> Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) or Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) -> Properties -> Click Advanced and select the DNS tab
Enter preferred: --- alternative:

Megaupload Fix for XP (thanks Alpro101):
control panel ->network connections ->local area connection>properties ->click internet protocol then click properties then enter this dns:
preferred: --- alternate: (open DNS)
preferred: --- alternate: (Google Public DNS)

Megaupload fix for Mac OS:
System Prefrences -> Network -> Advanced (close to bottom right of the window) -> DNS
Enter and in the left column

megaupload down

November 28 7:50PM EST
So the quickfix below will only get you as far as the download countdown screen as download link will try to reference it’s domain name. To get around this you have to add to your etc hosts file and point it to any of,,,,

November 28 6:40PM EST
This looks to be a localized domain name server problem as the site is accesible on American proxies. If you’re outside of the US you can still visit the site by going directly to it’s IP although the site is delivering extremely high latency and connection timeouts when it tries to load resources. Again, if you are outside of the United States go directly to the site’s ip or use an American proxy to access your urls. You can also point the site to any of these ip’s,,,, in your etc hosts it should work fine.

A quick fix if you have the string link to the file you’d like, for instance:
You can simply append all URL after the root domain ( to the ip adress to access the file. Like this:

It looks like it’s sister site, Megavideo, is unaffected.

  • Dr Prunesquallor

    Couldn’t reach megaupload, switched my DNS to google public dns ( and now I’m fine. Looks like it’s being blocked, in Canada at least

  • Anon

    Blocked also in France and Belgium.

  • anon

    is this probably temporary?

  • anon


    it won’t let me download anything so it won’t work

  • Anonymous

    Oh my god, so the Internet censorship has started ?

    Is it really blocked ?

  • anon

    what is a local DNS problem? is the site gone for good? or will it probably be back soon?

  • Alpro101

    GET MEGAUPLOAD WORKING AGAIN FOR XP EASY AND QUICK  control panel>network connections>local area connection>properties>click internet protocal then click properties then enter this dns        preferred:       alternate:

    • Jimboy

      Cheers man, this worked really well.

    • Nenene

      Worked like a charm. Thanks!

    • Someone

      I am in South East Asia and it works for me, too.Thanks a lot 🙂

      • Someone

        I forgot to mention that your method also works for Windows 7.

    • John Mullen

      Works great 🙂

    • MamaFrog

      Changing DNS server addresses to and worked fine for me in Québec (Canada). Thanks for the tip, Alpro!

      • Webmastre

        I’m in Québec(Canada) too and I didn’t have any trouble with megaupload, strange…

    • Jayroberton

      would you have any idea on how to fix this with vista?

      • Joey

        use windows 7 for vista, it works just fine.

    • Larrynavery

      Works like a charm 🙂

    • Gunboy1

      good good, works for now…until a new attack.  I had to put a 0 in front of 67 to make it work.

  • Guest

    Canada blocked for sure, changed to google public DNS did the trick. Thanks guys!

  • Doladollar

    What about smartphone sites such as Gingko Pro who facilitate the download from megaupload?  Do you have any solutions for that? Thanks!

  • RoteDiablo

    DNS Query returns

    Retrieving DNS records for…
    DNS [] []
    Query for DNS records for failed: Timed out

  • dracothe9th

    The dns fix is working so far. Thanks a bunch. Hopefully something is just messed up and this isn’t part of the censorship bill.

  • Vipcorp

    Thank you for the information,finally i know whats going on.Again thank you very much

  • Concerned Citizen

    So, if you use the i.p.p address you can get to the website, and until the countdown, but once you press on download, it’ll try to go to the root domain, and you still can’t download anything.
    And I’m outside the US e_e

    • Anonymous

      Ya, the ip method only works in some areas it seems. Use the change of DNS method and it should work fine.

  • anon

    I hear some countries and parts of US have it working

    this is from someone on other site

    WHOIS Lookup Indicates that the DNS Information WAS Updated on NOV 28
    2011 – Expect 3-5 Days of Spotty Connectivity or Flat Out Nothing while
    the DNS Servers propagate and the website is brought online by the new
    host. 3-5 Days is AVERAGE for All the major Webhosts (Go Daddy, Network
    Solutions, Ect).

    DNS Tool Used:

    Domain Name: MEGAUPLOAD.COM

    Updated Date: 28-nov-2011
    Creation Date: 21-mar-2005
    Expiration Date: 21-mar-2014

  • Aczik

    Thanks this info was great!

  • Hhaywoodhunt

    I was told that megaupload are changing their server and this is why it is not working.

  • Myrna

    Thanks for posting this! I can never figure out this type of thing on my own. 

  • Ch898989

    I think google public dns should be and (not

    • Anonymous

      Ah! You’re right. Sorry about that, fixed.

      • Jayroberton

        having problems finding the dns settings. i am running wondows vista. how would i change these settings

  • Jill

    Adding to the front of a Megaupload string made the site load (which it wouldn’t before) and the countdown progressed fine, but the download doesn’t start. However, the megavideo link does work.

  • mikeOtaku

    Im currently living in Kuwait, MU doens’t work for me now.. but for some reason it works fine with some of my friends.. 🙁 i tired to switci my DNS but still doens’t work 🙁

  • Wilalgar

    In Spain is blocked with some ISP, but with the solution of Alpro101 works. Thanks

  • dydy

    Looks like it’s being blocked too in Mauritius but it’s work fine switching to google public dns

  • Happy_bee

    from Germany, have MacOS.. I have followed Alpro101 instruction but did not work..

    • Anonymous

      Use the walkthrough for mac above, there is an associated screen shot.

      • Happy_bee

        that is what i did but did not worked..

        • Anonymous

          Try using the open DNS adress: and
          Then restart your internet connection.
          Hope it works! Seems to be working fine for me in Canada.

          • Jayroberton

            how would i change the dns settings, im having trouble. im running vista and am wondering how to change these dns numbers

    • Anonymous

      Use the walkthrough for mac above, there is an associated screen shot.

  • Tania Ramírez

    here in Peru is also blocked, and I don’t know how to change the DNS in Fedora =(

  • Dmba07

    I have Vista ultimate, so what do I use to change? The windows 7 fix or the xp fix?

  • anon

    also possible: the no-clicking method on windows.
    press [windows+r] type in cmd and press ‘enter’.
    type in ‘ipconfig’, look at the interface name you want to configure.
    now type in one command:
    netsh int ip set dns <> s <>
    <> has to be replaced with the interface name found out by ipconfig.
    ‘s’ stands for static.
    <> has to be replaced with one of these:

    Why would you want to give all your DNS-requests to google? That’s just stupid and gives them more information about you. Use one of the open servers instead and enjoy anonymity.

  • Anonymous

    I changed my ATV2 DNS to and Megaupload is working fine now in my part of Canada.

    • Flaviobianchi78

      how do u change the DNS address in the apple tv 2 ?

      • Anonymous

        On your ATV2, locate Settings -> General -> Network -> Configure TCP/IP -> Manually

        1. The first screen is the IP (network) address screen. If it looks
        like a valid address for your network, simply accept that by hitting “done”
        or fill in the correct address. Most likely a 192.168.x.x address where
        x are numbers unique to the router brand you have at home.

        2. The next screen is the subnet mask. Should also be prefilled for
        you. Probably something like Simply accept that by hitting

        3. Now you’ll be shown the screen asking for your router. Again, if
        your ATV have been connected to the network and pulled an address from
        DHCP, it should be prefilled. So hit “done” if there is an
        address of or or something else if you have a
        router that employs a entirely different network address.

        4. Now, on the fourth screen is the input field for DNS. This is the
        screen we are after. It’ll probably be pre-populated with the router’s
        IP address like the previous screen. If you would like to use google
        DNS, simply enter and hit “done.”

        • Jasonws

          Thank you!! This worked great on my ATV2!

    • Dpollack

      amazing man!! THANK YOU!!

  • Illusionistharoon

    thanks guys im in south africa and dns settings work!

  • Mjamboumarchandon


  • Johnbishop

    Great information.  Thanks.

  • Kall Napp

     Also blocked in Germany 🙁

  • PromisedLanduser

    listen i want to tell you 2 things

    first it worked wonders
     but you have to be clear: if youre using internet protocol 6 then you need to do all that advanced properties. (that you mentioned)
    But if youre using internet protocol 4 clicking it on its settings (basic page) it will provide a simple field to type in the numbers for the change preffered DNS settings. 

    look into it.
    if its safe please make clearer with 2 streams one if youre a 6 user or if you happen to be a 4 user.

    then post on icefilms if its safe itself!

  • od

    badwhoisshutdown translates to: bad whois shutdown
    google whois for a better explanation
    whoever is running the dns for megaupload probably had issues

  • lietuvis

    In Lithuania also down 

  • Olp66

    I so lost..when I type in the after following the steps i click to add and it says it is not a valid IP address. Are there more numbers to put in?

    • Cruzrr3

      ok. this took me forever to figure out as well.  when you come to Internet protocol version 4, double click on it. on the next page click on: Use the following DNS server addresses. there you can input the preferred DNS server and the alternated DNS server. then OK and that should be it. hope this is clear for you.

  • Stranger

    My Friend, you are my Hero. I have more than 60 files waiting in my browser tabs to be loaded and now i can do it. Thanks for your programming skills and SALUTE.

  • dshapi

    blocked in ISL as well….

  • Nospamkm

    Thanks your suggestions worked for me. I have XS4All in the NL.

  • Andreia85

    In Portugal it’s down too, I have MacOS and Safari kept saying it doesn’t find the server but this solution worked just fine. Thanks a lot 🙂

  • Lolleygagger

    Fix worked great thanks.
    Perhaps Google buying Megaupload or major MU problems.

  • The Emperor

    Blocked in Canada but changing DSN to google one work.


    cool beans alpro101 it wrks thx much d(‘.’)b

  • Evenlilrich1

    I am inside the US and can’t figure out how to get to where I need to be to fix it. I got to the right spot but can not type in the ip address provided without getting an error. I use windows 7 on google chrome

    • Cruzrr3

      ok. this took me forever to figure out as well.  when you come to Internet protocol version 4, double click on it. on the next page click on: Use the following DNS server addresses. there you can input the preferred DNS server and the alternate DNS server. then OK and that should be it. hope this is clear for you.

  • Evenlilrich1

    I am inside the US and can’t figure out how to get to where I need to be to fix it. I got to the right spot but can not type in the ip address provided without getting an error. I use windows 7 on google chrome

  • Londux

    Anyway to fix this for apple tv?

  • Flaviobianchi

    how can I change the DNS from my apple tv I live in Canada !!!Please I need help here !! 

  • Thanks. It really works!!!

  • Black_silver_angel

    >.< Still can't figure this out. And it's not just megaupload not working for me, its relatively all the file upload/download programs (i.e. fileserve, rapidshare, etc.)

  • Diouconexion

    I from Brazil and was even problem, but with the configuration dns for W7  shown in post is on standard my pc.

  • anon

    Thanks for posting the tip to fix e problem!

  • If you are trying to use an iPad or iPhone over 3G you can’t change the cellular DNS. You’ll just have to wait.

    Many are saying they still can’t connect. MegaUpload claims the Nameservers are fixed. If so just give it 24 hours to propagate worldwide and it should work.

  • Pf Dumont

    Good job with Megaupload but BIG PROBLEM with San Francisco Area for FSX, the tiles are going everywhere, in the bay or in the ocean.
    I have tried 3 download and unzipped carefully but nothing works, its allways a mess.

  • 1412_KID

    I’m confused… I’m using win 7, after I Click Advanced and select the DNS tab, there is no anything like preferred or alternative. so I type after click Add under the DNS server address but
    it says it is not a valid IP address.

  • Mo WeeD

    Dead ! 

  • As

    Is it still working ?