Let Me Watch This Lost and Found | letmewatchthis.ch 1channel.ch down December 20 2011

Decemeber 2011


Letmewatchthis.ch/1channel.ch is currently down and throwing an 502 Bad Gateway error. We can’t access the site through IP (which is often possible when this error occurs) because Let me watch this is using Proxyshield which forbids direct ip connection. Just have to wait it out for now.

In the meantime we are compiling a list of sites to tide us over if there is ever another 1channel.ch outage. You can check them out at 1channel/LetMeWatchThis Alternatives. Leave a comment on the article if you know of any useful sites and your entry will be added to the list.

November 8 2011
10:40AM EST
It seems like letmewatchthis.ch is having some dns issues again. The site loads perfectly accessing it on any 1channel.ch, 1channel.il, letswatchsomething.ch, letmewatchthis.ch here in North America, but is getting name lookup timeouts on Asian and European proxies.

October 19 2011
9:20PM EST
Let me watch this (1channel.ch) is up and down tonight. It looks like their servers under alot of stress, and we’ll often see a too many connections error. This is happening because the website is experiencing high traffic volumes and/or the site is under a DoS attack. The site was the victim of a serious DNS hack last month. A rival movie site was able gain access to the dns record and point the traffic to their own site. The site has also suffered a DoS attack but those are quite common in the TV/Video streaming scene.

Either way, leave it for 1 minute and try refreshing. You should get to the site at that point though it amy be slow to navigate through.

October 19 2011
10:35PM EST
Looks like let me watch this is down tonight. This is presumably due to high traffic volume as they have been having trouble handling http requests over the last couple of days. This could also be caused by DoS attacks which are becoming all to common in free streaming internet video scene. All of the 1channel.ch/ letmewatchthis mirrors are down right now unfortunately, so sit tight or try another site. We’ll update you with more info as it becomes available!

September 27 2011
2:45PM EST
Let Me Watch This is unavailable through any it’s domains (1channel.ch, letmewatchthis.com, letmewatchthis.ch, letswatchsomething.ch). The site is down for maintainence and should be up and running pretty soon.

September 16 2011
1:00pm EST
1channel.ch and let me watch this are back up. Admin has stated the downtime is due technical problems and not malicious third partys.

If it should go down again, you can access a cached version of 1channel.ch at http://letswatchsomething.com/. Thanks admin for all you hard work!

1channel.ch and letmewatchthis are down still today, presumably because of the hardware issues admin cited yesterday. We’ll let you know whats going on a soon as more info available.

Once again letmewatchthis.ch is now http://1channel.ch

September 15 2011
11:17pm EST
1channel.ch is back down. Admin mentioned they were having hardware issues early and this was probably exaserbated by huge traffic volume for tonight’s primetime lineup. It may be up and down for the rest of the night.

7:40pm EST
Let me watch this is back up and running on their new domain http://1channel.ch. We are confident that this was not a government or MPAA action, it was either a malicious attack from a competitor or server maintainence. Admin has stated that they are having some “hardware issues”.

2:00pm EST
Letmewatchthis is down again completely. Even when trying to access it directly from it’s new domain http://1channel.ch, the connection times out.
Late last night they did post an announcement on the letmewatchthis.com domain that they were undergoing some maintenance so it will probably be available again soon from 1channel.ch.

We know that they’re DNS was compromised and that letmewatchthis.ch was pointed at to a competitors website. That issue seemed to have been corrected but the 1channel and LMWT was completely unconnectable today. Hopefully everything will be up and running soon, we’ll keep you updated with info as it’s available.

September 13 2011
Let me watch this went down earlier this week. When you try to go to the website it does not reroute you to the new address, instead it points you to a black website with a hyperlink a competitor’s less functional website. Go to http://1channel.ch instead to access the new letmewatchthis mirror.

Apparently the issue is that letmewatchthis.ch has become compromised. There are no other details at this time but we will bring you updates as they come.

  • Nokes89

    when you try to access the new domain at 1 channel i keep getting a cloudflare warning  saying website is currently unavailable why is it doing this

    • Benna Whahedi

      This was happening three days ago when you posted this comment but I use the website everyday and found that it is back up and running. About a day ago it was also experiencing server errors with the response code 505 but, again, this was short lived. Keep going to 1channel.ch and, for now, it seems to be okay.

  • Nonya

    Usually means they either got shut down, (seeing how the goverment laws in switzerland are different than american, that is what you have to assume) Or they didnt pay their registration dues.

    • 0031

      why don’t you try researching on other movie site and try whichever sute you are trying to get on in a week or 2?

  • Dub

    same here, i was thinking my isp was blocking me

  • sandy

    Is there an estimated time frame that the server will be back up and running?

  • Dee

    I’ve found this site “vidics” in the meantime: http://www.vidics.eu but its just not the same *cries* 🙁 anyone else have links to good movie sites?

  • Abbeylala245

    so which one do we use now 1channel.ch or letmewatchthis.com because 1channel.ch is not working and letmewatthisis is working asin u cn go on it buh after that you cnt do anything ??? whats going on becausee i love these sites and dont want it to go 

  • it has changed to letmewatchthis.name or 1channel.info?

  • Jj

    I have a virus protection on my computer and when I went on 1channel.ch this virus protection thing kept coming up saying that the site is infected so I advise no one to go on the site for now

  • David

    Isn’t this site illegal


    Does anyone know what is going on? Twitter says they are being DDosed, whatever the hell that means. I think it means someone haccked the site. Pretty sad some lowlife has nothing better to do than inconvenience thousands of people, children, over the holidays. My family loves the site at this time of year especially because of the access to all the Christmas specials that can be accessed. I can only guess it is a muted troll causing this nonsense. Upset because they were muted for being an asshole. Some people are so sad. I almost feel sorry for them,,,,, almost.


    I follow them on Twitter, and they have tweeted this;

    Getting DDOSed (again). Someone has nothing to do….


    They were down for a few hours last night, but were back up for a couple, now they have been down since. I hope they are able to resolve this and be able to keep all the info they had stored, messages, Profiles, Karma and point scores, etc. That would be a huge loss. I still cannot wrap my head around why someone would do this??? This is what you call a Super Troll!! A Troll with brains is a dangerous thing!!!

  • NO

    Fuck! Why did this site have to be attacked right after I finish finals and go on winter break? This is the only time I have to watch films and TV shows, and now this site is down! FML!


      It wont be down for long. It has been up already, it is just a little unstable right now. They will get it up soon. No worrys!!

  • DJ

    I can’t find any other good websites so I’m just using Utorrent for now. Perfect time for the site to crash over Christmas -_-


    It says they are back up, but I cant get on. This sucks ass!!

  • Songerigo

    i like it

  • ecm79

    ok so theres been a misunderstanding so my account on 1channel ecm79 was muted the misunderstanding was that there was a user yelling at a mod calling him a idiot and i jumped in buut i did something stupid i used sarcasm as in “oh yeah hes the idiot” wich when you hear in real you can tell is sarcasm but because it was written it was taken badly and im sorry for that but pls unmute my account and tell this mod im sorry although i have no idea what his name is because i forgot