Icefilms on Apple TV | on ATV from Backup Server

When Icefilms Goes Down

As you probably already know, Icefilms is having a bit of trouble migrating from their Go-Daddy hosting account to their sexy new dedicated servers. This is causing some service disruption for both computer and ATV2 users. Thankfully, the Icefilms admin often keep a backup server running a couple days behind in link updates.
To access the backup server database you just have to replace the file in the directory.
The backup file can be found here. It is pretty much the exact same as regular file except the script points at the domain and the google custom search query info is slightly modified.

Getting it on Your Apple TV

  1. Download the new plugin component here: and save it somewhere you can find it easily
  2. SSH into your jailbroken Apple Tv box with XMBC installed using
    username: root
    password: alpine
  3. Find the directory it should be located:
    Apple tv2: /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/XBMC/addons/
    Apple tv1: /mnt/Scratch/Users/frontrow/Library/ApplicationSupport/XBMC/addons/
  4. Grab the old file and save it on your local computer. You need to hold on to this for when Icefilms comes back up!
  5. Drag the new file into the directory to replace the existing one.

You should be good to go! The search function may not work perfectly sometimes, we’re still working on that. Let us know how it goes!


Alternative Option

You can install a version of the ATV Icefilms script that will allow you to change the domain that it listens to in the settings. The script was modified by wesada and Blackgod88 to bring you this functionality. You can download it here.

When goes down, simply go into your preferences and change the domain to The default setting is

Icefilms Modded XBMC script

  • Dreamer

    I’m still having problems…followed the instructions and when I click on the icefilms addon in XBMC I get a script error.  I put the old file (for the new servers) back in and no script error (but obviously with this I can’t get to any of the links).  Am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with the backup server file?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, we were messing around with the file to see if we could get the favourites working. Try it now, if you still have problems try the new plugin.

    • Dreamer

      No problem…thanks.

  • Omid

    I followed the instructions but when I try to go to icefilms addon i get error doesn’t work

    • Anonymous

      Sorry to hear, did you use the modified plugin or change the file?

      • Omid

        Yes thanks for your reply I changed the file but i get error when i go on icefilms.

  • Scott Calise

    you are amazing for posting this, thank you!

  • freemovies

    I installed the modified plugin but I get “Script failed!:”.  Any suggestions?

    • freemovies

      Nevermind, I finally figured it out!  Thanks hombres!

      • Anonymous

        Awesome! Glad it’s working for you! What was the issue if you don’t mind us asking?

    • Hon27hon

      how , i encounted same problem

  • Suckario
  • Nguyen2007

    where i put username and pass
    in atv

  • vu

    how to upload zip to apple tv

  • Marcus Mordis21

    icefilms is not working

  • Chetwynd50

    I love what you are doing but as a novice, I am having difficulties adapting the instructions for a stabler XBMC platform on my Win 7 system.  I am ok with not getting the latest releases but I would like to have access to past TV and or movie files that I can watch in my spare time.  Can you email me some simple instructions that I can follow in accomplishing the above.  I have XBMC running on my C: drive but I would like to store or use my S: drive (that has more room on it).  In any case – a simple solution would be appreciated.

  • me

    that site is just inscribed with a whole bunch of matrix ebonic words 

  • shizweak

    dont work. get script error.