Icefilms on Android | Icefilms App

Well so far we have Icefilms available on your computer, Apple TV, iPad and other XBMC devices. Now Icefilms is available on your android phone in a native app. Ice Stream is an unofficial android app that lets you access the Icefilms video archive and stream them on your Android phone or tablet. It’s available free from the Android market place.

We’ve had a chance to use the application and it’s quite a nice user experience. The navigation closely mimics that of the website and so regular Icefilms users will be very comfortable with it. Streaming video on Ice Stream is very smooth and error free even on some older Android phones, which is refreshing as most streaming video applications on┬áthe Android market are prone to freezing and skipping. The only thing that’s missing from the application is a search feature. Icefilms uses a Goggle custom search function on it’s own pages and this is probably a bit though to re-implement in an android app.

Also, in order for the application to work you need to install MoboPlayer (not Mobo Video Player), MX Video Player, or VPlayer to take full advantage of Ice Stream. Most of the files on Icefilms are divx encoded, these players will make sure that your device understands they are not just regular .avi files and avoid any errors.

Screen Shots

Icefilms on AndroidIcefilms on Android screenshot1Icefilms on Android screenshot2