Icefilms is Down Again But Not For Good

It looks like the TV and video file distribution site will be back up and running soon. Icefilms admin Russtonic issued the following statement via a the sites temporary forum that has been erected to keep users informed during the blackout:

Sorry for the bump in the road. But we will be back soon. We have all the Back-ups and just need a new home for our SuperServer

Service to the site was cut off on December 16th 2014 when the hosting service they were using abruptly shut down their VPS accounts. We know now that the hosting company gave in to pressure from BRIEN, the Dutch recording and video organization (something like the MPAA and RIA combined). There have been many scares like like this in the past but this time there was relatively little administrator feedback leaving some to believe the site may have been shut down permanently.

Although a timeline has not been communicated, administrators are looking to restore from backups and it up and running in the little while.