EZTV.it DOWN | EZTV down November 25 2011

eztv down

November 25, 2011

11:45PM EST
EZTV is under alot of server stress, and has been forced down (for most) today. This is probably a legitimate traffic induced server resources overload as this is a historically high internet traffic weekend, and should be up and running soon. If you try refreshing a couple of times it may let you through to the site although it will be a bit slow. Please dont hammer the refresh button, this will just put the server under more stress.

Either way, you can still access EZTV’s updated episode list on thier Pirate Bay user account or at KAT.

In the meantime we are compiling a list of sites to tide us over if there another EZTV outage. You can check them out at EZTV Alternatives. Leave a comment on the article if you know of any useful sites and your entry will be added to the list.

November 17, 2011
9:32AM EST
EZTV looks like it is struggling to stay up today. The site is known to give 503 errors from time to time but this one is persistent. This is not a peak hour for EZTV.it so it’s probably not an issue of too many requests. Rather, it is either the admin trying to fix ongoing hardware problems that have plagued them since July of this year, or a DDoS that seems to be common these on sites linking to TV shows.

October 6, 2011
1:02PM EST

EZTV is still inaccessible this afternoon, with the connection timing out when eztv.it is requested.

Apparently the issue arose from an increased usage of the EZTV services due to the new TV season starting up and a global internet trend of growing awareness to online video options. This created a need for newer, beefier hardware which resulted the April and late September downtimes. The staff are also trying to roll out a new version of both the EZTV and ezRSS service. The new iteration will have improved user experience and easier to use forum.

The downtime is therefore probably from trying to implement the new version of EZTV or from ongoing hardware problems. Either way, staff are working hard to get the issues resolved and the site back up (lets hope with a sexy new UI!)

October 5, 2011
2:40PM EST

EZTV.it is still down today. Without any official statement we are left to believe that the outage is being caused by hardware issues or hostile attacks from rival sites/copyright holders. Hardware issues were the culprit back in April and DoS attacks seem like they’re becoming a re-occurring reality of the online TV scene.

October 4,2011
8:14AM EST

EZTV is down again today giving a ‘cannot connect’ error. This is the second larger downtime in two weeks caused by hardware issues and probably DoS attacks that seem all too common in the video distribution site world. The pirate bay is undergoing maintenance as well so you can’t access EZTV’s updated list through there for now.

You can still access their torrent list (that stays up to date) at KAT.

September 23,2011
12:06PM EST

The main site is now back up and accessible most of the time. Every once in a while you will receive and error 503, that “The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems.
Please try again later.” If you get that message, just wait a few seconds and press refresh. If it continues doing it, try their Pirate Bay user page.

September 22, 2011
9:30AM EST

EZTV is still down today, timing out whenever you attempt to connect to the website.

There is still no official statement from the administration, but we’ll let you know as soon as word breaks. New shows are still being released on schedule from EZTV over at the pirate bay, so we are pretty confident that the downtime is from server load issues.

September 21, 2011
11:15PM EST

EZTV.it is currently down again tonight.

We’re not completely sure what the problem is yet. We know the site has been having issues staying up for the past few months because of heavy server load because of ongoing DDOS attacks and increased popularity/traffic. This is probably an extension of the load problems they were having earlier. EZTV admin haven’t made any official statements about the down time but we’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

EZTV is one of the largest, most diligent release groups on the internet. Though the main site is down, they are still releasing tv episodes on The Pirate Bay.


  • Guest

    They haven’t had any of the new shows listed for the past few months either. You have to do a search to find the show you want, especially if it is new.

  • guest

    Perhaps because there haven’t been very many new shows in the past few months?  Summer is a dead-zone when it comes to new TV.

    On the other hand, in the past 48 hours, the premiers and season premiers of Spooks, Big Bang Theory, Downton Abbey, Two and Half Men, NCIS, Castle, The Playboy Club, Raising Hope, Workaholics, Glee, Free Agents, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Modern Family, Harry’s Law, and Community have hit their feed on TPB.  And I think I missed a few.

  • comments says they’re under DoS http://torrents.to/sites/movie-tv/eztv

  • St.Mick

    Give bt-chat.com a go they seem to have an up to date listing

  • Kenshironorthstar

    can not connect to eztv still 6/10/2011 page will just not load internet is workin fine so has to be a issue with there site

  • Eztv Fan

    i hope the site comes back soon. The site went down during the weekend and has been down for the last 4 days (2/10/11-6/10/11) until now. keep getting this message : The server at eztv.it is taking too long to respond. Anyone got any news on what happened?

  • tukker

    for the ones who did not already go to a rehap clinic eztv is back and dam there are a lot of shows to choose of atm

  • Hotmail182

    EZTV is unavailable again…11/10/2012. Noted the TPB is out as well.

  • Alopicia

    Down again  18th March 2012 and every other weekwend