Alternatives to Megaupload | Sites like Megaupload Filesonic

As students, we frequently have to upload large course work files and make them available to professors and classmates. The closure of Megaupload and the feature reductions of FileSonic we have to look for alternatives to our go to online utilities.

Alternative Sites

  • Rapid Share – This is probably one of the oldest filelockers on the net.
    Uploading: there is unlimited file upload size for free accounts and it’s accesible for 30 days from the public URL.
    Downloading:There is a 45 second wait time to download files and only 1gb can be downloaded per 24 hours on free accounts.
  • Wupload
    Uploading: 2GB maximum file size, 750GB storage space and file links stay active for 30 days.
    Downloading: 16 second wait time to download, cannot download files over 2GB.
  • 2shared – This site is the fallback file source for Icefilms, it’s one of the best but it has its limitations
    Uploading: Unlimited file size, unlimited storage for an account
    Downloading:There is a daily quota (not explicitly specified) that will add a wait time but for the first few GB there is no wait time. Unlimited size but occasional file transfer interruptions because of increased traffic and activity.
  • Uploaded – No longer available in the US
    Uploading: You can earn 30 Euro per 100 download of the file you upload. Free accounts can upload up to 1GB files with unlimited total storage.
    Downloading:Wait time varies but usually around 12-14 seconds, can’t download files larger than 1GB with a free/anonymous account.
  • Hotfile
    Uploading: Maximum file size of 1GB with total storage space of 500GB. Files remain up until 90 days after the last time the file was downloaded.
    Downloading:Download speed is a bit slower than the above sites. Wait time to download files is 15 seconds and you can only download one file per 30 minutes.

If you have any other go to file locker sites, let us know in the comments and we’ll put it up!