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We’ve learned that our beloved will not be able to add new content for at least a little while while they change hosts (for updates and info check me out) so we’ve compiled a list of online video services that are available in it’s stead. If you have any to add to the list, leave a comment and we’ll tack it on!

Upload Site Indexers

These sites do something similar to Icefilms in that they provide links to down-loadable movie and Tv files on higher quality file hosting sites.

  • Cuevana is a great new site that’s mostly in Spanish though it carries all the major American movies and TV. It allows you to stream videos from the major file repositories like icefilms does, however it does force you to download the browser extension to view any of the linked files. Very professional site otherwise
  • The Ninja Video is the reincarnation of the popular Ninja Video website that was shut down last year. Thanks Wolf Revels for the link!
  • Vidoox is a decent video link site where you can find all the latest TV shows. Thanks Dannyuf for submitting the site to the list!
  • Rlslog This site has links to high and medium quality TV shows and Movies from a variety of different file hosting sites. It has up to date releases for software, ebooks, and more. You have to put up with some pretty intrusive and annoying popover full page advertising though.
  • QSS DIVX catalogs the file links posted in the QSSDIVX community boards. Thanks SinfuLOnE for submitting this site to the list!
  • Megarelease This site has lightning fast additions for both movies and Television shows. Their archive is not nearly as large as icefilm’s is but they’re doing a good job of building it.

XBMC plugins

Icefilms’s XBMC plugin allows you to stream icefilms content from your Apple TV or computer media server to your home theatre system. You can get a patched version of the script here that will allow you to use the backup icefilms server while is not working. If you are looking for newer content, then you may want to check out these supplementary streaming video plugins!

  • Navi-X is a well organized content aggregator where you can find TV Shows, Movies, Music, Podcasts, Pictures, Apps and other user submitted links.

Streaming Video

These site provide links to websites that stream TV shows over a flash player like Megavideo. They are generally not divx quality and you have to do a little work if you’d like to keep the file for offline use.

  • 1channel/Let Me Watch This is a solid streaming movies and TV site with a large archive, fast updates and usually a large choice of video sources for any given link. It looks like LMWT has now perminately changed their domain to and run into some trouble with their domain forwarding, you can keep updated at down
  • Sidereel is another good streaming video site. It updates a little more slowely that LMWT but also provides links to legitimate versions of the video (the networks that broadcast them) which can be higher quality if you live within the viewing region.

Torrent Sites

These site connect you to multiple users to sort-of crowd source the video file. You have to have a to first get a client (we recommend Utorrent), then download the .torrent file from a website and open it in the client to begin downloading (and uploading).

  • EZTV is a lightweight tv torrent website that releases files as soon as they are aired. Speeds are generally very fast as the user base is giant. The site is having some technical difficulties of their own, you can stay up to date here: EZTV news
  • The Pirate Bay is probably one of the internet’s biggest and oldest torrent site. You can find whatever movie or tv show you’d like there, no matter how old or obscure. But because it’s so big, you sort of have to know what you’re looking for before you go on


  • SinfuLOnE, where most of icefilms HD content comes from in the first place.

  • msnet is a good site! admins are helpful, user requests are filled, no advertisments whatsoever, site is cosntantly being updated with more features. only thing is you have to donate 7$ a month, but honestly very worth it! (im not a site owner, just a user) for the fast content and everythign they offer, 7$ is cheaper and more content than netflix!!

  • Ninja Video is back. Now called The ninja video. It is a good site for free streaming, and uses a lot of  Divx links as well as flash.

  • Dannyuf is another alternative

  • Antonio

    what are the plugins for these alternative sites. so i can watch it on my apple tv 2?

  • anon is another alternative

  • SaRe

    I just tried to visit Rlslog and my anti virus system told me that it just blocked a trojan horse. So be careful with that site

  • Suckario check it out…

  • Superman

    great site not pop-up congested like rlslog

  • Diggs is another site that lists both EZTV & VTV torrent links, making it a pretty much one stop shop.

  • Diggs

    I’ve noticed as well that everyone seems to recommend Utorrent (probably because they get paid) but I have found BitComet to be much more reliable, without using as many of the computer resources or internet bandwidth.  I used to use Utorrent all the time, and while downloading, it pretty much rendered the internet connection useless for anything but that.  Since I switched to BitComet there is no longer an issue of bandwidth, and the downloads are just as fast, if not faster with the eMule plugin.

  • Icexaos is another alternative.

  • Mjorgensen62

    2 sites I use every day are and  Torrentday has clean torrents that, they say, are constantly tested for integrity.  Btjunkie does not, and you have to be careful not to get an infected download.  There are some obvious give-aways, though, like comments posted by other users, and the files themselves (single-packet .rar files, .flak files, mp4 files, etc)

  • Did a port scan. Turned up a few things. (Port scan. Not pen test)
    1. Why are you guys running Windows on your server?
    2. Why is smtp running on your web server?3. Why are half the ports open that are? (Answered. Refer to 1)

  • Did a port scan. Turned up a few things. (Port scan. Not pen test)
    1. Why are you guys running Windows on your server?
    2. Why is smtp running on your web server?3. Why are half the ports open that are? (Answered. Refer to 1)

  • Eat me, Icefilms

    icefilms sucks… they’re always down lately

  • Noneya

    If you are a downloader, clicking the direct link to Megaupload from Icefilms for the download, you will get the 40-second “I Like MegaUpload” video. Don’t click the link; copy the link, then paste it into the address bar. MegaUpload servers seem to be detecting the sending URL.

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    Can these sites like BitComet be streamed to Apple tv ?

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